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Park and Facility Rentals

Shelters or areas of Glendale Heights parks, as well as spaces at the Sports Hub, can be rented.  File a facility rental application and submit to the registration office.  Pricing information is on the rental application.  Questions?  Click here to email.
Park Information
The Village has 22 parks throughout the Village.

Facility Rentals
Looking to rent a park shelter or room at the Sports Hub?
Click here for a complete list of facilities available.

Adopt-A-Park Program
Adopt-A-Park mission is to care for and maintain Village of Glendale Heights' parks and other green spaces through ongoing volunteer support and education regarding the importance of caring for Glendale Heights' land.

To inquire about the program, contact Chuck Dymbrowski, Parks Lead Foreman at 630-260-6060.

Park Watch
Keeping our parks safe and clean is a big part of our service to the public. Please be sure to report any crimes, damage or suspicious activities. We are counting on our neighbors to keep our Village safe and beautiful! If you notice any damage to equipment, be sure to contact us at 630-260-6060.
Walking Paths
Many Glendale Heights Parks have outdoor walking paths that can help you get fit in the beautiful outdoors.
Siems Park Path
3,875' (just under 3/4 mile)
Nazos Park Path
2,155' (just under 1/2 mile)
Heritage Park Path
2,900' (just over 1/2 mile)
Camera Park Outside Path
4,294' (just over 3/4 mile)
Camera Park Around Soccer Field
2,500' (just under 1/2 mile)
Reskin Park Path
2,640' (1/2 mile)
 Ollman Park
 1,320' (1/4 mile)

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